About Us

The Indonesian families of two expatriate educationalists long resident here have established PT Usaha Jasa Kreatif to work with social entrepreneurs through a network of Associates who share the Gotong Royong philosophy.

The company name translates as ‘Services for Creative Businesses’.

We aim to be a model company, part of a ‘regenerative economy’, one which is sustainable through collective enterprise, and ethical in that with care no-one gets exploited.

To provide exemplary services which are of benefit to sectors of Indonesian society in need.

Individuals who use our services will be Associates and have access to others in our Indonesian network. There will also be a separate category of International Associates with whom we have a business relationship.

Each project, whether started by PT UJKreatif and/or Associates will be managerially autonomous.

Given the experience and qualifications of our Associates, we believe that our most effective contribution is through training, the provision of materials, demonstration, mentoring and other appropriate means.

Given the size of the Indonesian Archipelago, we anticipate that most of our business will be conducted online.

Primary Activity

Business ‘Umbrella’ / Seed Bed – the Company Core
Largely based on the onerous steps required to establish a legally registered company here, the World Bank ranks Indonesia 114th out of 189 countries in its 2015 Doing Business Report.

PT UJ Kreatif has Articles of Association which cover a wide range of activities. With these we can offer an ‘umbrella’ to social entrepreneurs wishing to initiate a project.

Current Service Divisions

Music Division
We are working with Arlo Hennings, an Associate who has 40 years experience in the music business as a musician, in A & R, record company owner, music venue operator, tour promoter, and manager. Due to a shared interest in the genre, IndoJazzia is our initial project.

He is currently working with the Yogyakarta band I Know You Well Miss Clara. Their first album is now being distributed by DeMajors in Indonesia, and their profile has been considerably raised with several festival appearances and a live TV performance. More recently, Arlo has been assisting Erik Sondhy, the Bali-based jazz pianist, whose first solo album, recorded at the world renowned Abbey Road studios, is distributed internationally by the IndoJazzia Musik label.

Research has begun into A History of Jazz in Indonesia. A major local publisher has expressed interest in a ‘coffee table’ book to be launched at Java Jazz 2017.

FullProof Language Services
FullProof offers a ‘clearing house’ for Associates to share commissions. Apart from specialised knowledge of specific formats and industries, collectively we have experience in the following writing services: copy editing, editing of books and theses, proofreading, copy writing, translating by bi-lingual native speakers, et al.

All our commissions are checked by a secondary editor, thus ensuring (almost) complete client satisfaction.
For further information, please email us.